Have you ever admired the unchanging beauty of a pine, blue spruce, or white fir? These trees, often referred to as ‘evergreen’, maintain their vibrant green hue throughout the year, irrespective of the season. Similarly, in the realm of digital marketing, we have ‘evergreen content’. This content, much like its arboreal namesake, remains fresh and valuable to the audience no matter when it’s consumed.

What is Evergreen Content?

Simply put, evergreen content isn’t tied to a specific date or fleeting trend. It’s content that remains relevant and useful over time, regardless of when a user stumbles upon it. This can encompass a variety of formats, such as videos, blog articles, GIFs, and much more.

Evergreen Content Across Industries

Let’s explore some examples of evergreen content, based on industry:

  • Restaurants: Food photos and videos, customer reviews, behind-the-scenes glimpses, posts that allow you to get to know the staff, and more.
  • Accounting Firms: Simple tips and tricks showcasing expertise, staff profiles, retirement planning advice, and the importance of budgeting.
  • Chambers of Commerce: Business spotlights, legislative news/regulations, entrepreneurial tips, event updates, marketing ideas, economic trends.
  • Destination Marketing Organizations: Video tours, stunning photos, regular activities and experiences, food photos, hotels / places to stay.
  • Car Washes: Showcasing cars after your services, machinery highlights, blogs about the importance of vehicle upkeep and preventing rust.
  • Hospitals / Health Care: Photos of patient rooms, videos of dining options, stories spotlighting employees, community involvement (remember to keep HIPAA compliant).

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The Merits of Evergreen Content

Evergreen content can be a marketer’s best friend, especially for those managing single-handedly:

  • Overcoming Writer’s Block: When you’re stumped on your next post, turning to your repository of evergreen content can offer a reprieve.
  • Maintaining Active Channels: Evergreen content allows for consistency across your social channels since it can be deployed at any time.
  • Establishing Expertise: Regularly showcasing evergreen content on your social media helps solidify your authority in your area. For instance, a restaurant that consistently posts mouthwatering food photos positions itself as a culinary expert.
  • Data-Driven Content Strategy: Monitoring the performance of your evergreen content can provide valuable insights into what resonates with your audience. Knowing which types of posts have historically done well can help inform your future content decisions.

Wrapping Up

By integrating evergreen content into your social media strategy, you can keep your channels engaging and fresh.  And, if you need help in developing and maintaining an evergreen content strategy, reach out to Biggest Bark.  We’ll create content that will help keep your channels active, showcase your expertise, and help provide analytical evidence on what works for your viewers.  Give us a call today at 815 556 2525 or email dtmulka@biggestbark.com.

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