The Rule of 7 is a timeless concept in marketing. It suggests that a customer needs to see your brand at least seven times before making a purchase. While the number seven is not set in stone, the underlying idea remains the same—you have to be seen to stay top of mind.

This principle holds true for social media as well. No matter who your target audience is, the key to getting noticed is consistency in your posting.

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Reach The Most By Consistently Hitting Singles

Simply posting once won’t quite cut the mustard. The statistics for organic reach on Facebook can be quite disheartening. You can check out the latest trends on the website Social Status, which publishes the monthly average organic reach rate for Facebook. To estimate your reach, multiply your number of followers by the rate below.

On average, the best result is reaching about one out of every twenty followers, while at worst, it’s closer to one out of every sixty-four. Of course, the quality and value of your content can also influence whether you fall on the higher or lower end of these averages.

To combat low organic reach, consistent posting is key. Let me offer you a baseball analogy here. While swinging for the fences and aiming for a home run is exciting, winning the pennant requires making consistent contact with singles and playing small ball.

Here’s a simple example to prove my point: Assuming the time, effort, and cost are the same, what would you prefer? One post that reaches 1,000 people or three posts that reach 1,250? Obviously, the latter option gives you a wider reach. Of course, there are limits to how frequently you can post without being penalized by a social media platform, but I’ll cover that in another article.

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Establish Yourself as an Expert

Maintaining an active social media presence is now essential for any business. If you post infrequently or don’t have a Facebook account at all, people may question the legitimacy of your business.

Regardless of your industry, your social media account can showcase you as an expert in your field. Are you running a restaurant? Share enticing food photos that capture both the imagination and the taste buds. An accountant? Offer small tips that demonstrate your knowledge of the complex tax system and emphasize why people need your expertise. If you’re part of a member-based organization like a Chamber of Commerce or a Destination Marketing Organization, use your social media presence to highlight your location as the place to be and showcase how you effectively utilize your partners’ membership dollars to promote their businesses.

Consistently posting valuable content not only positions you as a trusted resource but also shows that you’re not just a passing fad. It builds confidence in potential customers who will be more inclined to do business with you.

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Getting Your Organization and Its Stakeholders Involved

We’ve all seen those videos of restaurant staff dancing to the latest hit song. Not only do these videos garner attention and inject some fun into your social media account, but they also foster camaraderie among your team. Each team member feels more involved and part of a close-knit family. In turn, this can contribute to your efforts in attracting and retaining talented individuals.

But let’s take it a step further—why not get your customers involved too? And if you operate in the B2B world, consider engaging your customers as well. This approach can generate positive FOMO (fear of missing out) and bring more attention to your organization. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to make everyone line dance, but testimonials from satisfied customers or member highlights that show appreciation can further solidify your brand.

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Let Your Creativity Loose

Consistent posting provides an opportunity to work on exciting projects that enhance your brand while unleashing your creativity. However, we understand that not everyone has the available staff to post regularly. That’s where Biggest Bark comes in.

We’re here to lighten your load and help you consistently post on a regular basis. We specialize in serving membership-based organizations (although we welcome any business), allowing us to publish “evergreen” highlights on your members. We’ll keep hitting those singles and tagging your members, ensuring that the world knows about you. We’ll showcase your expertise in the area and, if you want, we’ll even let you do the dancing (or any other fun content) to supplement our posts.

Contact us today at 815 556 2525 or We’re excited to make you look good and save you valuable time in the process.


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