Give Your Members Some Easily-Affordable Social Media Love, Starting at $500 Per Year

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  • You need to focus on bringing in revenue
  • Your members keep asking what they are getting for their membership
  • You and your staff don’t have the time to continually post on Social Media.  

That’s where Biggest Bark comes in. We specialize in creating evergreen social media posts featuring your members, so you can focus on what you do best: bringing in more revenue.

With our easy-to-use service, you can “set it and forget it” while we take care of getting posts that tag your members – getting you noticed by that member.  We’ll come up with variations and post on the different networks that you choose, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Let Biggest Bark handle it for you, so you can focus on growing your business. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you boost your online presence.

Our service is perfect for:

Chambers of Commerce

Industry Guilds

Destination Marketing Organizations

Business Associations

and more!

Evergreen Content

Our evergreen content is meant to highlight your member anytime of the year.  Just like an evergreen tree – always there, always green.  

However, we know that businesses change, new businesses are created and some businesses just don’t make it.  And of course, we know that businesses forget to tell their Chambers, CVBs, and other partners about any news.

We’ll be right there with you throughout our partnership, just like a bulldog at your feet.  Any changes that you’re aware of, tell us and we’ll make the appropriate changes. 

Bulldogs running through a forest of evergreen trees.

Examples of Evergreen Content

Overview of a table at barrel and vine with several plates.  A man can be seen eating at one of the corners of the table.

Looking for an amazing dining experience?  Head over to Barrel & Vine, which offers fantastic meals for every pallete.  Fresh eats, artisinal cocktails, and a friendly atmosphere.

Photo Credit:  Barrel & Vine

Old Joliet Prison is open for tours, giving you the chance to walk through history.  Built in 1857, many famous inmates have walked through its grounds – as well as fictional inmates like The Blues Brothers.

Find out more by visiting

Photo Credit:  Old Joliet Prison

Shulman Zale Legal Group

Real Estate, Estate Planning, Business Law, Contract Preparation and more.  If you need a trustworthy law firm on your side, make sure to reach out to Shulman Zale Legal Group.

Find out more at

When it comes to business communications services like printing or promotional items, Automated Forms and Graphics Inc. has you covered. They have built their business as a full-service, single-source supplier of commercial printing, business forms & checks, stationery & business cards, labels, promotional products, t-shirts, membership & ID cards, Labels and banners and computer supplies.

Visit them online at

Photo Credit:  Automated Forms and Graphics, Inc.

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